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Koh Kong

Koh Kong

Koh Kong

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Koh Kong town is accessible by land, sea and air. From Bangkok it is 450 Kilometres by road to Had Lek in Khlong Yai district in Thailand and a short trip from there to the Cham Yeam international border crossing. From the border it is 10 kilometres to the town. Travelling from the capital Phnom Penh, it is 133 kilometres west along National Highway 4 to the town of Sre Ambel. From Sre Ambel a narrow road winds 138 kilometres through the lower Cardamom Mountains before reaching Koh Kong. The road crosUntil the end of the 1990s, Koh Kong was one of the least secure parts of the country. Elements of the Khmer Rouge based in the lower Cardamoms still posed a serious threat to locals and travellers. The area was the scene of intermittent fighting between the government and Democratic Kampuchea forces until 1998.

Recent history:

On 21 April 1984, the Khmer Rouge captured the town of Koh Kong and held it for a night and day. They claimed via Khmer Rouge Radio to have killed 1,107 Vietnamese troops and injured 125 more during the battle. On June 6, 1985 Khmer Rouge troops attacked an outpost near the provincial town. Khmer Rouge Radio reported that they had killed 28 Vietnamese soldiers and injured 34 others. attacked Koh Kong casino with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. As late as 1998, the Khmer Rouge were still active in the area. In November of that year, one of the last recorded incidents before the surrender of the remaining Khmer Rouge forces to the government occurred near the international border crossing outside of Koh Kong city. On Monday night at 6.10 p.m. the casino attached to the Koh Kong International Resort was attacked by elements of the Khmer Rouge. One Thai gambler was injured in the attack which involved rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and conventional rifles. The Trat police chief later stated that the attack was prompted by the casino failing to make a protection payment to the rebel group.
Environmentses four large rivers where bridges have recently been built. In 2002, the Koh Kong bridge was completed linking the town of Koh Kong with the border crossing to Thailand. The bridge was completed at a cost of US 7.2 million dollars and is 1900 metres long, making it the longest bridge in Cambodia.

Where to visit:

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